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Ancelle della Carità di Santa Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa

Via Moretto, 33
25122 BRESCIA  
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The Handmaids of Charity

"A Handmaid of Charity is, so to speak, the property of Charity. She surrenders every kind of jurisdiction and dominion over herself so that youth, health, comforts, strength, blood and life, in a word, her very essence, is laid at the service of this virtue. And should anything further remain to be given it too would be destined for charity. "

(Constitution 1872)

A Handmaid of Charity is:

  • a woman aware of, and who embraces her own femininity

  • babtised

  • called a life of consecration in the Church

  • called to:

  • contemplate the face of Christ crucified
  • adore Jesus in the Eucharist
  • imitate the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • in order to:

  • devote herself, in communion with her sisters, to the search for the greater glory of God, in the service of Charity to the people of her time, following in the footsteps of Saint Maria Crocifissa

  • through:

  • responsible and silent hard work
  • sacrifice
  • the generosity of her heart united to God
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