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Ancelle della Carità di Santa Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa

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The Handmaids of Charity and social assistance
The presence of the Handmaids of Charity in the field of social assistance is varied and multiform. It includes assistance for the elderly, for people with psychiatric problems, immigrants from outside the EU, for the treatment of people with AIDS and assistance in the re-integration into society of ex-prisoners and women who have been saved from a life on the streets. In these fragments of humanity which bear the greatest resemblance to Christ, every service carries the clear imprint of evangelical charity, compassion and human improvement.
The health care assistance residence “Paola Di Rosa” in Capriano del Colle (BS)
On 11th January 1935 in Capriano del Colle, a retirement home for elderly women was opened. It was formerly the summer House of the Di Rosa family. The Sisters succeeded in actualising a project which, with time, has taken on its present day proportions. Today, the Retirement Home of Capriano del Colle continues the work of assistance as planned by the Superior General of the Congregation, Mother Teresa Pochetti, who decided to allot a wing of the building for the nursery school run by the Sister Handmaids. In this way the children and the elderly women often find themselves together thanks to the different opportunities for meeting which evolve during the day. The Home now provides residential services catering for 45 guests, of whom 35 are partially dependent and 10 are totally dependent. The home is for elderly women who need a medium to a high support environment and who are not likely to receive assistance at home for psycho-physical or for social reasons The guest is received in one of the two active and homogeneous centres based on the indications of the Health Care Director. Thanks to the evaluation of the Internal Operational Unit (UOI) each guest follows a personalised assistance plan and an individualised therapeutic and rehabilitative programme. This operational unit is an essential part of the organisation. It is a multi-professional team, which meets every week in order to:
  • draw up the Plans of Assistance;
  • draw up the Individualised Therapeutic Rehabilitative programmes.
  • The guests receive:
  • around- the- clock nursing assistance
  • a guarantee of geriatric medical assistance at all times including the night, the eve of holidays and during holidays, thanks to an effective medical on-call service
  • the competent service of a physiotherapist
  • the presence of a professional educationalist and a coordinator who organises educative entertainment as well as work therapy activities which can contribute to the psychological and physical well – being of the guest
  • The rehabilitation activities are organised by 2 therapists who alternate their morning and afternoon duty.
  • Health care assistance in the VILLA DI SALUTE in MOMPIANO (BS)
    This House began its activity in 1886. Previously to this, the service was located in the Taglietto area in Castenedolo. The objective of this initiative was the reception and the treatment of women with psychiatric problems. The particular illnesses of the guests required, not only specific medical treatment but also the availability of large areas both within and outside the house of recovery. For this reason, in the following year (1887), the House catering for the mentally ill, moved to Mompiano, Lama Street, because it was more suitable. Following the introduction of the law 180/78 ( Basaglia law) which introduced radical changes in the evaluation and treatment of mental illness, and which rejected the idea of a fixed programme of recovery, as well as the continuation of the existing closed structures for the majority of people affected by this type of illness, it was necessary to rethink and to re-organise the activity of the house. The structure became involved in welcoming and providing assistance for the elderly, in particular those who were not self-sufficient, because they were considered as being the most in need, often being alone or being without their family’s assistance. The new address brought about the transformation into the Health care assistance Residence. In 1991 the Paola di Rosa Foundation was formed. It was considered to be the most suitable way of providing help and charity, in complete harmony with the spirit of Paola di Rosa in order to promote “charitable, educational and social activities, particularly in the area of health care assistance.” Therefore the Foundation, in keeping with the objectives for which it was founded, was entrusted with the running of the Villa di Salute (health Villa). Its declared aims are as follows:- “The Villa di salute”, social assistance structure , based in Brescia, - Mompiano, 22 Lama street, - puts itself forward to offer geriatric assistance and motor-neuron rehabilitation, according to criteria and ways that are inspired by the principles of christian solidarity and in keeping with regional social-assistance planning. This assistance is for elderly women, partially or completely dependent, provided they do not have any infectious illnesses or mental problems which are incompatible with community life.


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